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Mission Accomplished

Day 9 Uniontown, Pennsylvania, to Severna Park, Maryland

sunny 89 °F

Amal & Rami were delivered safe and sound into Derek's arms...mission accomplished!

Derek's family treated us to a crab feast with fresh, caught-this-morning crabs. What a fun cultural experience!

For dessert, Rami enjoyed Bruster's ice cream with Cousin Nikky.

9 days, 2700 miles. This concludes our road trip and hence our blog. Thanks for joining us on our cross-country adventure. Happy Trails!

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A Landscape of a Painting of a Landscape

sunny 80 °F

We crossed three state borders today: Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania! We planned a visit to Topiary Park in Ohio’s state capital of Columbus. The PRECISE minute we parked, the blue sky and white clouds instantly turned to gray and rain. Seriously? Upper Cup Coffee was just around the corner, so we ducked in there for java and muffins and waited for the rain to pass. The baristas let Rami use their “antique-y” rotary phone to make a call...for real!

Back at the park, we got a kick out of walking among the topiary figures of the famous Pointillism work “A Sunday on La Grande Jatte.” I'm petting the dog. First person to name the artist wins the prize!

After a game of Marco Polo in the pool and treadmill gym time at our hotel for the night, Amal and I plastered on our rejuvenating “skeleton” masks while Rami admired the skeleton spirits in the movie, Coco.

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Dinosaurs & Peyton Manning in Space

Day 7 St. Louis, Missouri, to Indianapolis, Indiana

sunny 83 °F

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis bills itself as the largest museum for kids in the world, and we believe it! This place is spectacular. It has an astonishing variety of exhibits, and the activities are engaging and fun.

Rami donned a tank for SCUBA diving, and we marveled at the Dale Chihuly glass ceiling while relaxing on a revolving sofa (you can see the blown glass reflected in the floor):

The outdoor sports section let us try out our skills:

A refreshing swim in the hotel pool ended our day!

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All-American Firsts

Day 6 St. Louis, Missouri

sunny 80 °F

Amal’s first meal at a McDonald’s in the U.S. and first laundry session at a laundromat!

Rami’s first pinball game and first squished penny!

The Gateway Arch is an incredible structure. To go up to the top, we rode in a cozy little five-passenger egg-shaped pod which kind of stairsteps its way up the side of the arch. Sixty-three stories up, the windows on one side offer a view of the park directly below and then the city including Busch Stadium, home of the St. Louis Cardinals; the other side offers views of the Mississippi River and beyond.

Once we descended from the clouds, the Tom Sawyer riverboat carried us up and down the river for a leisurely cruise.
For the evening’s entertainment, the Remarkable Rami performed his dazzling glow stick light show!

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Spectacular Speleothems

Day 5 Tulsa, Oklahoma, to St. Louis, Missouri

rain 85 °F

We hit torrential rain around Springfield, Missouri, so we decided it was a good time for a lunch break.

Took a quick detour to Mexico for I Love Tacos, a food truck in a dirt lot. The ambiance was complete with earth moving equipment working behind us, a fireworks tent and the passing train in front of us, the milk crate of empty Mexican Coke bottles next to us, and the smell of Fabuloso floating on the occasional light breeze.

Across the street at the Flying J travelers' stop, Jamal was our favorite person of the day. He replaced our windshield wiper blades for us!

After a few more hours of driving, we arrived at Meramec Caverns. Our guide, Caleb, took us on an hour walking tour through the labyrinth, and we saw some really cool stuff! Frank and Jesse James briefly used the caverns as a hideout after robbing the Glendale train, and a few belongings of theirs, like a lantern, remain.

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