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Bob, Bob, Bobbin' Around

Glacier in Southeast Iceland

sunny 70 °F
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We had another beautiful campsite last night.


We used their washing machine to wash clothes, but the dryer kept tripping the breaker. The morning was warm & sunny & windy, so the clothes dried quickly on the clothesline.


The fjord scenery changed to wide expanses of brown silt & dirt due to Vatnajökull, Europe’s largest glacier. Giant white, blue, & clear chunks of ice bob around in Glacier Lagoon, with the glacier in the background. How big does it have to be to qualify as an iceberg? Am I holding an iceberg?


Nearby is a beach where the sand is very, very fine & very, very black.


We pulled into two places for the night. Both were very filled up, which was the first time we’ve encountered so many people at campsites. So we decided to drive another 45 minutes & take our chances. We ended up at yet another beautiful & sparsely populated campground. We are just across the road from the coastline. The hills are green & covered with Nookta purple lupine, & the fog has just rolled in.

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sunny 69 °F
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There are 109 fjords in Iceland. Fjord: a long, narrow, deep inlet of the sea between high cliffs, typically formed by submergence of a glaciated valley. Today we wound our way around a few of them in the East. Here's what many of the fjord towns look like.


First, though, here is our cozy camper bed & the view from our camper this morning!


Shopping for snacks & lunch with the cute kiddie cart. Look at that fancy pig in a blanket (& a delicious pizza pastry).


As we pulled into our last town to use the swimming pool, we noticed yet another colorful "pillow" in the park, so we had to check it out. It's a huge bouncy without the house!


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Need a Change of Scenery?

North Iceland to Eastfjords

sunny 60 °F
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We loved the beautiful, clear weather today, around 60 degrees!

We experienced so many landscape changes in just one day! We started off with a lake view from our campsite then walked through craggy lava rocks.


We hiked up Hverfjall Crater, which just looks like a cone of brown dirt with a depression in the center.


The Námafjall Geothermal Area has bubbling mud pots & fumaroles.


Our first bit of driving was across a stark, lunar-esque stretch of brown, flat dirt. Then the road dropped into a lush, green valley with a turquoise river winding along & lots of thin waterfalls dropping off the sides of the mountains. From there, the camper chugged up again to miles of snowy expanse before finally descending into the fjord town of Seyðisfjörður with more little waterfalls everywhere!

6.jpg large_5.jpg

The town pool was similar to a YMCA, and we felt right at home. Since we were the only people there near closing time, Earl got permission to take photos. The indoor pool has huge windows that look out onto the hills, mountains, and waterfalls, and this is the view from our campsite, as well. It is truly stunning.


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The Silver of the Sea

Iceland's Herring Industry

overcast 45 °F
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In the early 1900’s, fishing for herring in Iceland was like panning for gold in California. Tiny settlements became bustling, lively towns as money was made from producing salted herring, fish oil, & fish meal. The herring disappeared around 1970, which led to the demise of many of these towns. The Herring Era Museum in the picturesque town of Siglufjörður beautifully displays & explains the importance of this industry to Iceland’s development. This display shows many templates that were used to mark barrels.


We had a few looong one-way tunnels in our next stretch of driving. There are little pull-out areas headed in just one direction to allow cars to pass.


We’ve seen these beautiful purple flowers in little patches along the roads.


The Skutustadir Pseudocraters create interesting land formations near Lake Myvatn.


As usual, the last stop of the day included swimming & soaking, this time at the natural & sulphuric Myvatn Nature Baths. The water is warm & milky-white from the minerals. Similar to Krauma a few days ago, this one is also quite commercialized, touristy, & pricey, & we didn’t enjoy it that much. So I think the lesson is to stick to the more local & affordable swimming pools!

We ended the day with cold but clear weather. Here is the back of our camper. There is a bench seat, a little sink, & three pull-out bins to hold dishes & utensils & such. There are two storage areas under the bench seat, so we emptied our luggage into those & left our suitcases at the Happy Camper office. We can use a little camping stove on the counter. At night, we fold the bench down flat to create the bed. We have cozy duvets & a Webasto heater to keep us warm.


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I Feel the Earth Move Under My Feet

The Golden Circle & Snæfellsnes Peninsula

rain 45 °F
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Happy Summer Solstice! Iceland sunrise is 3 am, & sunset is midnight. Even during the 3 hours of nighttime, it is still 100% light outside because the sun simply dips below the horizon.

Today included much rain & very strong winds. Our last stop on the Golden Circle was the dramatic & historic Þingvellir. It is dramatic because the separation of the North American & Eurasian tectonic plates is visible (see me pointing it out to you?). It is historic because this is the site where 1,000 years ago the chieftains from around Iceland would meet annually to govern themselves. When Iceland separated from Denmark in 1944, this is where independence was proclaimed.


Our swimming spot today was the newish Krauma Nature Baths. Touted as the zen baths of Iceland, this overpriced facility was sorely disappointing. Five outdoor hot pots simmering loud Americans, with a view of a greenhouse & a construction site. The quiet relaxation room with reclining chairs and a wood-burning fireplace was nice.

We trekked on a bit further to camp for the night closer to tomorrow’s starting point. We are the red Happy Camper. Here’s the bustling campsite on the North Atlantic Ocean & the fancy WC.


Icelandic language question of the day: What kind of shop is displaying this sign? Notice "hund" (like "hound"). The ð letter at the end is like a voiced "th" in English. So cute, right? Scribbles says, "Já!"


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